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This Training Session is Designed for Public Adjusters and Insurance Independent Adjusters .
Topics Include:
1) Large Loss Claim Assignments,
2) Assignment Management,
3) Smart Deployment,
4) Assignment Efficiency, Safety & Profitability

This Interactive Session Covers Expert Witness and Consultant Expectations.
Topics Include:
1) Damage Investigation,
2) Rebuild Estimates,
3) Scope of Work
4) Narrative Reports
5) Appraisals

This Training Session Covers Industry Protocols.
Topics Include:
1) Role of the Contractor and the Adjuster,
2) Determining the Scope of work,
3) Pricing – Taking it to the Bank
or Taking it in the Shorts
4) #1 Key to Success
5) Appraisal Process

This Session Covers Storm Activities.
Topics Include:
1) Get Ready Before,
2) What To Do During,
3) 5 Tasks Immediately After
4) Adjuster, Contractor, and Claim Management
5) Role of Adjusters, Attorneys and Appraisers