As we are going about our day(s) for waiting news of the next catastrophic event to appear in the middle of the night, middle of the day or weekend, I can’t help but remembering all the phones calls (now emails and text messages) over the years asking me to to get ready for deployment. The combination of excitement, thrill, anxiety, and sadness of leaving my wife and children. The activities of making sleeping arrangements, changing the oil, inventorying tools, packing clothes, and wondering what I “will” forget and have to have my wife send it to me.

My thoughts go to previous Hurricane deployments when I replaced my truck tires due to road debris. Years of hot humid days in the Gulf States on top of tall commercial buildings with the sun beating down. Keeping an eye on the ponds as the “eyes in the ponds” were keeping an eye on me. Meeting very nice people, both insureds and contractors. Some I will remember the rest of my life. I feel fortunate to get the opportunity to help people when they are in a desperate need. I have consoled grown men and women in tears when they had lost everything they owned. I have laughed with them when we have shared a glimpse of levity in a dire situation. I have met celebrities and people that wanted to be celebrities. Even though I only have shared a few moments in time with thousands of people, when you add it all up it’s a lifetime of relationships.
When I think about it all, I would not change a single thing! I love this profession!

I have a deep respect for the warriors in this industry. Leaving before sunrise to get to the 1st property by 8:00am. A full day in 90o+ heat (over 100o on the roofs) . Getting back to the hotel by 8:00pm, take a shower, eat a PB&J or stale pizza and then starting the paperwork to get it turned in before the alarm goes off just to start it all over again. You are true “Heros”! I am very proud to have met you over the decades. Thank you for your service and stay safe…….

Brad Hays, EGA

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